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Do not put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket; keep it in your own…
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This is how I decide to start this Year 2011 , and what I strongly suggest that you copy n paste that in your brain:

I have written down PROMISES, not goals, as I learned that you can very well hold your promises, when you can so easily not reach your goals.

I have written down some INCANTATIONS to say, not affirmations, as I learned also that you change your attitude , all you body participates in an incantation, while it stays static with an affirmation.

Watch , listen IMPLEMENT what Tony Robins says in this video.  And live a really HAPPY YEAR  2011.


Now, watch this video again, listen and watch, don’t do anything else during those 9 minutes , it can change the way you’ll create your life this year. So imprint your all being with that concept and energy , and give me your feed back.

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