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Today I want to give you some tips on how to avoid what I call ‘Help Everyone Disease” .

It’s a quite popular one among the network marketers, although the symptoms are very seldom detected, but the consequences are always serious.

good question buddy.....

This Help everyone disease stops you to focus on the tasks that will make you money and allow you to have more time with your family/friends/doing things  you love.

As you build your brand you will get people asking for a lot of help, even when they are not in your team, not selling your products or even thinking of buying something from you.

I ‘ve been so often tempted to spend time helping someone in hope that they will join my business or buy from me when I started as a network marketer online, and for long months.

I had really this terrible virus : The Network Marketer “help everyone” Disease.

Not only it does not work , but also it DISTRACT YOU from what makes YOU money : marketing, lead generation, sales and training your team.

Here are a few remedies to cure the Help Everyone Disease , that I use with success, plus they have “side benefits” !

1 -Give yourself a limit, and stick to it.

For example tell the person that you have only ten minutes and then you have to go.

Benefit is that you appear as a busy person, and as the one who leads the conversation.  And fact is you control what’s going on.

You position yourself as a successful leader.

2- Make sure that you are filtering out those “just looking for freebies” by charging per hour for any coaching/help you give someone.

Even if you start at just $20 for an hour, the benefits are :

a-   you are being paid for the time away from your money making activities and for the knowledge that you can offer to that person. A.k. still making money while follow up,

b- there again you show you are a leader, an expert, and you are valuable.

3 -  Make a quick video each week where you answer questions you are frequently asked.

That way you help people that need your help, without getting sucked in to helping everyone individually, for free.

The benefits are that you get a no brainer piece of content that you are sure matches peoples’ questions, and more exposure with it on internet, with value given

If someone asks you again, you can direct them to your youtube channel for the answer.

Remember this, lead with value… and LEAD is very different than HELP EVERYONE disease ,for a network marketer.

value yourself!

I know it may seem crazy to remind you of this but there’s too many people out there doing a great job of helping everyone and not making a DIME.

I think that’s a misunderstanding of Zig Ziglar ‘s principle: helping as much people as you can to achieve their goals and you’ll achieve yourself ten times more….

And then, you se online all those sick with “help everyone disease” network marketers who write I their bio or on facebook” I want, I like to help people achieve their dreams, etc…. every one wants to help everyone , that world is Paradise!

But when it comes to create and nourish the relationship, the expectations show their nose fast! Everyone wants to help everyone, if you join their business!

If you really want to help sincerely people, you’ll know how to position yourself, and what to do!

I hope my experience will help you to see how you can spend your time more effectively in your business.

Always over-deliver and you will gain loyal, paying customers.

Also, over-deliver with your comments here, your tweet and like!

If you too see that you suffer with this network marketer Help everyone disease,and you want to cure it for good, AND start making money for good:

1-   re-read and implement the advices that I give you above,

2-   see on this site of mine how you can concretely start TODAY this process.


  • I know exactly what you mean and often fall into the same “trap” instead spending my time “making money”. Often I am asked for “help” and really, the answer is everywhere, you can find everything on the internet. Thank you for the reminder to stay FOCUSED.

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