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The Biggest Loopholes of College Education

Don’t you think there are quite some missing lessons, big loopholes in college education ?

And did you ever ask yourself why so many kids hate going to school ?

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If you’re like me, you can remember many of those feelings, that you had as a child and teenager :

- I’ve been feeling so bored to hear the same thing that all the classroom was to hear, although I was very interested by what others children did not always like .

– I very often asked myself , while trying to relate some lessons to my life as a person : what is that useful for to me ?!

At the time, in the 60s, we had 4 days and 2 mornings of school time in the week, and I remember my Dad asking me , during Saturday lunch, as we enjoyed his presence with us for the week-ends:

“So Brijou ,( such a sweet nickname Brijou!) what did you learn at school this week that you like? “

and I’d answer:

“Ho Dad, once again, nothing that can help me to deal with you the permission to go out with my boyfriend tonight until tomorrow….”.

And those examples are only the beginning for a long series of reasons NOT to be a fan of College education and all its consequences….

Here come my top list of Loophole” target=”_blank”>loopholes and how I found out to fill them :

#1 of  Loopholes in College Education :

They dont show you how TO SUCCEED PROFESSIONALLY: the mindset, the leadership, how to inspire and motivate people.
It’s a MYTH that you are pretty well set for a successful career when you study hard, graduate high and come out from a good college.
They don’t teach you how to thrive in the real world.

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# 2 of Loopholes in College Education : They don’t teach you how TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. That is still a mindset, and further more, that is a set of different skills that can be LEARNED.

They only imprint in you the employee mindset…. And that is a wide wide topic to read about , sizing it beside the entrepreneur mentality.
But well, if they don’t teach those skills, you won’t learn them here….

# 3 of Loopholes in College Education :
They don’t teach you TO BE A LONGLIFE LEARNER. It’s like you get graduate, and you’ve got your luggage for the rest of your career, to go with, and they tell you that’s good.
You know the results, and how far you go with that….
I compare it to a big well full and heavy luggage you get, but then you have no wheels to take it with you in the world of work…. How do you use it ? That’s a heavy charge to me, I need the wheels….
I’ll tell you soon where to find the wheels.

#4 of Loopholes in College Education :
They don’t even speak to you about one single way of how to MAKE MONEY !
Which is the basic skill to provide basic needs in society for centuries.
Ha ! isn’t that amazing ?
I remember I learned so many things that I’ve never ever used in my life…. But when growing as a teenager, I started to tell myself, how can I do this, how can I become that, I wish they told me this and that and these and those in school…. !

#5 of Loopholes in College Education :
They focus on your success in the course, instead of on your ACHIEVEMENT IN YOUR LIFE.
Your success is your results and achievement in the REAL WORLD. It’s not abstract evaluation with notes A, Bs, and Cs….. It is concrete batch of realizations, with obstacles to come over. Like how to obtain permission by my Dad to do what I want.

There are quite some others loopholes in college education, and you’ll find plenty yourself I’m sure.

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The purpose of this article today, is to show you another way of completing and adapting your education for what you want to receive.
I am not preaching ” do not go to college, the education has so many loopholes….”
In fact, I’m a passionate pro-education person ! A learning addict :-)
There are few things to me that are more or equally important than constant learning and reading.

What you want to know today is different ways to acquire those skills that are missing in the college education and its loopholes.

Ha ! You are in the right place at the right time ! On the internet, in 2012, and ready to learn and use those new skills in your real life.
There are many courses and seminars and trainings , events as well, that you can attend, finding them online. What ever is your favorite field of action.

But for money making, the basic and universal need, there is only a set of 3 things that you want to learn :
1- How to sell
2- How to market,
3- How to make relationships.

Where will you get to learn those 3 essentials ? RIGHT HERE WITH EMPOWER NETWORK.

If you want to go fast and avoid overwhelm of information, you want to target the quality in all what you do:

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That is a golden mine for mindset , entrepreneurial, networking learners.

If you want to erase now the loopholes in college education that made you not happy with your life today, you can read the presentation to this Inner Circle Mastermind Membership here.

Be happy !

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