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Do not put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket; keep it in your own…
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feng shui

You want that your personal image shines, you want to elevate your relationship, you want to feel great , you want abundance flows, so just implement those next simple tips , creating an environment that exudes love, abundance, success, peace and happiness…..

11- Choose a color that you love to paint your bedroom, but not white, and a stimulating color for your office, but not bright-red!

12- The furniture has to be with curved edges, not pointed and sharp corners. If so, soften the edges with fabrics or runners.
In a meeting in some one else’s office, avoid sitting face to a corner of the table or the desk.

13- Keep as much as possible healthy plants in your home, that helps to circulate the energy. Be sure to have plants near your computer and TV screens.

14- Make sure that all the plumbing throughout your home and office is working perfectly. Nothing leaky or running water…If water leaks from ceiling, fix it immediately

15- Make sure all light bulbs are in working order in all rooms, and that each room has the proper lightning. bright enough. Place mirrors on walls where they can multiply the light in a dark room.

16.- Place mirrors so that the tallest person in the house can see his/her entire head. Hang artwork around your home and office, that you love: it really impacts you on a subconscious level, which is more powerful than the conscious on


17- Others things you love are what you want to surround yourself with, , as well as items that represent health and vitality. The Feng Shui color for good health is yellow.  Pets also are great energy enhancers to have around the home.

18-  The different rooms of the house need to be painted with different colors, so that the energy flows easy. It creates feelings of starkness and depression when all the room are white or beige or even the same color.

19-  Get rid of : the microwave  – it kills the nutrients in food, + re-mix them in toxic molecules- never put baby food to warm in the microwave, it’s cancerogene , through proteines de-structured – also get rid of all clutter in your living spaces, all clutter in your life, and all dirty  and dusty things around you. ….even people like that….

20- Accept yourself , love yourself as you are. Be grateful for what you have. Whatch your thoughs. Focus on beauty, harmony, see them everywhere, show them everywhere. What you focus on expands….

And this is a subject for an other article soon….. ( focus, thoughts, expansion…yahoo!)

You know that your health , wellness and mindset are critical necessary elements to your business success, and so to create your ideal life style.

And do you know that the physical surroundings you are in daily have a strong impact on these elements?
It’s very important that you pay close attention to your home and office “signals” , as your spent most of your life-time there.

The places where you live and work represent , according to Feng Shui theory, what’s going on inside of you. This means that your inside self and health will change and improve the same way that your physical environment does.
Here are 10 tips today, for you to start now the shift of the energy in your home and office . Many of us are having a home-office, which will easy the process of environmental-designing.

The power of implementing those tips exist only with INTENTION in mind. For example, placing a plant in a corner of a room has to come with the intention of placing in your life an energy of harmony, cutting sharp angles round .

1- the first step to your inside home is your yard: make sure the outside of your home is welcoming, well-cared for, nice and clean. This includes your lawn, flower beds, path to front door clean from bushes, trees or branches etc… This access has to be nice and easy.

2- Your driveway , if on a decline place , can be balanced by placing potted plants on any side of its end. Be sure it’s clean , and that the walls of your house and garage are freshly painted, without peeling off

3- On your front porch , have a welcome mat outside your door, and a wind chime, it welcomes health and wealth into your life, and circulates the energy.
All doors must open and close easily, and nothing hanging in their back.

4- Let the fresh air in and circulate around your home by opening windows regularly, and let the light come into your life by keeping windows washed and give a clear vision .

5- Make sure that the first wall you see when walking into your home has artwork which uplift you, as well as entering every room , including laundry room and garage, you see beautiful things, to improve your mindset.

6- Clean your home and office often, and do it with love and gratitude, and the all place will emanate love. Have 18 things to move around your home, your office , to shift the energy.

7- When having a home-office, separate the 2 functions: never set your office in your bedroom- that will make you sleep on your work! And the computer in the bedroom can trouble your sleep at night.

8- Never have metal frame or head-board, as it conducts electricity and can affect your health. Also, don’t storage things under your bed, for a good sleep. If possible, place your bed on a wall non-shared with bathroom or appliance .

9- Don’t align the bed directly with the doorway, and position it so that you can see the door. The same applies for your desk in your office room.

10- All rooms are better with less furniture and stuff : a cluttered room = a cluttered mind, and that will affect your wellness and health. All TVs are better in an enclosed armoire, unless you want a flat screen that decorate your wall with nice site-view or slide show.

Have fun now, starting going around your house, and your office, and make a list of what you want to change, take off or add.
The second part of this article will tell you 10 more tips to design you home and body insides.
It’s very important to have a home, office , and/or workshop that supports and nurture you, as your “external environment” is the image of your “internal environment” -your body and mind.