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This is a short but very important introduction to the 2 webinars about SEO, given this month online by our team leaders : Adam Whiting and Mike Hobbs.

TWO THINGS to consider , like 2 actors here :
The USER : the « prospect » the searcher,
The Used One: the Search Engine, the tool.

THE USER  goes through a process , simple but we need to know .

Before he even makes an inquiry on the search bar, he has already gone through 4 choices :

1- he has decided to use internet to look for an answer to his problem
2- he decided which Search Engine he wants to use – generally Google, and we’ll see the second one is YouTube !
3- he decided what phrase or keyword he’s gonna look for
4- he decided which website from the 1st page of Google, or Youtube’s results he’s gonna choose to buy from .

This process is TO BE UNDERSTOOD in order to KNOW WHAT TO DO TO BE FOUND on the net.
You want people to PICK YOUR SITE.
The Search Engine :

What’s its goal : SE ‘s goal is to stop the search
So, the user put his keyword and fast he gets the response . Then he clicks 99% of the time on the first 3 spots given on the first page of the results.

NOW, our goal is to be in those 3 first spots, and that’s why we want to use SEO in our marketing with our sites.

And what are our ways to effectively work our SEO :
2 things :
first : On page leverage
second : do the correct use of SEO.

The on page leverage is the most important thing that you need to understand :
Make sure you do the correct one , the key is RELEVANCY : the content that is on your site. The backlinks then , although very important are not sufficient.

Because of you have relevant pages, you will need only 10 backlinks do be on first page results of Google, when the guy who has not relevant content needs 100 backlinks.
10 backlinks with relevant content will be notified by Google’s eyes much better than 100 backlinks on non relevant content’s site.

So understand : the user, the mindset, and that SEO is SCIENTIFIC. Bottom line.
Cover the onpage leverage, the correct SEO.

If you want to explode your business and traffic with SEO effectively, NOW that you know the basics, the 2 points, all the rest is given to you for peanuts !!! it is a $ 1000s value, in our training in our Marketing System

Get the second part of SEO Blueprint today Thursday , December 08, FOR FREE, at the 8.00 pm EST webinar, register here now,

and all the rest, the first part , with tools and team support and mastermind , and much more for your marketing , joining us HERE TODAY.

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