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An Amazing , Simple and Cheap way To Get Your Blog and Start Branding Yourself



and I apply that principle to many important things in my life,

like choosing the people I make business with, and the systems they offer .

This is why when I received the e-mail that was telling me about that blogging solution, I watched it immediately, and I bought the system, and made money the first day and the following days…..

Here are 7 things that you need to do to start blogging, in order to brand you and promote your business,  and with my new sytem, you just need to do # 7 , and start right away, no time taken to be ready, no expenses to get fancy features, all is intalled for you. So read what I did, that you won’t have to do , then watch the cute video:

1-Directly choose a WordPress.org blog platform. No question, that’s the one you want to go efficient, fast, easy, professional.

2- Choose your blog’s URL and title with this in mind : it has to tell precisely to the reader what he’ll find in your blog,
example : my URL : »imoremoneywithlesswork.com », tells you about freedom, time-wise and financially-wise….And it has keywords.
A title like » Freedom with Brigitte » doesn’t mean clear purposes like more money and less work.
If you want to put your name in the Title, you will have to use it as a keyword in your posts.

3- Choose a template and background congruent with WHO you are and WHAT you want to market.
Important, you want to find the same recurrent theme in your others medias : on Twitter, on YouTube, in your e-mails images and signatures, everywhere you show your brand.

4- Create an opt-in form that will appear on every single page of your blog. By definition, it has to offer some very valuable free gift – a video course, an e-book with tutorials inside, anything that gives information that your prospect wants- and it has to be managed with a good autoresponder .

5- learn and implement syndication, and SEO : you’ll find courses in our Marketing System, that are appropriate and easy to use. Also you have plenty of short tutorials in youtube sites. Although they can’t be more than 10 min long , some are quite useful and can tell you very good tricks.

6- Use the recommended plug-ins . (find a tutorial, or watch the videos in your system back-office )

7- start posting now, and make this task daily , or at least 3 times weekly. Write a 300 word-ish article, make a video to present it , post the all blog, and link it everywhere on your Social media.
Very important : be congruent, consistent, bring value, and CTA=Call To Action, at the end of each post.


Call me on SKYPE : BRIGITTECHARLON, I’ve a few more Qs for you!


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